Top 5 celebrity weddings

Weddings are always known to be one of the most desired moments for some people. This is what it turned out to be for some celebrities last year. Read on to know how they celebrated their weddings last year

These five wedding celebrations marked the beginning of a great year and these wedding celebrations are worth hyping on.

Wilson Sossions wedding

This was a great wedding celebration that started in the AGS office and then it concluded into some of the most beautiful celebrations in his village home.This was a grand wedding celebration.

Bob Collymores wedding

This was one of the greatest moments for the CEO of Kenya. Bob Collymore married his longtime lover in a simple and a private wedding that was attended by his close friends, family members and close associates.. His wife is a famous art collector who is well known in Kenya.

Daddy Owen’s wedding

Daddy Owen is Kenya’s most well known musicians who walked down the aisle with the women of his love- his five year’s old beautiful fiancée that looked amazing and was appreciated by all

Sharon Mundia

Well known fashion blogger got married to her banker boyfriend towards the closing of this year. This was the most beautiful wedding of the year and it was almost next to a picture perfect wedding. The gowns which the bridesmaid wore were as beautiful as the bride herself.

Jomo Kenyatta and Achola Ngobis wedding

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Jomo exchanged marriage vows and wedded his college sweetheart Fiona Achola Ngobi at a private wedding ceremony, which was a hush hush affair and very less guests were invited to this party. This was one of the most beautiful weddings of the year, which went viral on the internet with thousands of eager fans waiting to see pictures posted.

These are some of the best weddings of the year that were close to picture perfect. These weddings were also held at the best places and attended by Capitall Marquees Essex people who helped in making the weddings a grand success.


What to Ask Your Wedding Supplier


Before you hire a wedding supplier, you really ought to ask them some questions in order to be sure that you’ve chosen the right one for the job. Also, there are some questions that you ought to ask them during the preparations for the wedding in order to make sure that everything goes ahead as planned. The questions you ought to ask are here before you, and an explanation of why you should ask them will clarify everything for you.

Are you insured?

Insurance is a really important thing, because it can help out a lot in case something goes wrong at the wedding. Of course, no one wants that to happen, but things don’t always work out the way we want them to, and that is exactly why you ought to think about it in advance and ask your wedding supplier if they are insured. It can save the wedding, and allow a small mishap to be remembered as “that funny thing that happened at our wedding”.

What are your references and clients’ contact numbers?

You need to know if you’re dealing with a professional or an amateur, and the best way to see that is by asking for some references and contact numbers of their former clients in order to determine just how good of a wedding organiser they are. This will show you if this particular wedding supplier has any experience, as well as if they’re goof at this line of work. A satisfied customer is the best source of information, and therefore you ought to contact them and check the wedding supplier out on The Wedding Guide or on their direct site.

How much do you charge?

Knowing just how much money you’re going to spend on organizing the wedding is really important, and therefore, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about asking how much the supplier charges for their work. You need to know if you’ll have enough money to pay for them or not; and the best way to figure this out is to ask the direct question. Make sure to set a budget with them as well, because you will find that extra costs will pop up throughout the planning stage. keep in mind the costs of the things you want, like a Large Marquee for guests to relax in.

What venue’s can you recommend?

If you are struggling to find a venue that suits your needs then don’t hesistate to ask for recommendations from your wedding supplier. You need to make sure the venue is able to accommodate the amount of people on the guest list and that the bar within the venue is big enough and has enough alcohol and Co2 Gas cylinders to keep up with the night.

Will Everything be ready for the Big Day?

Make sure you check if everything is going to be ready for the wedding day. Do not hesitate to call the wedding supplier and ask them this question, because you do need to know how well everything’s going – it is your wedding after all. If there are some issues, offer your help to solve them and try to see if there’s anything you could alter in your wedding plans for everything to be back on schedule. Basically, just check in from time to time, and see if everything’s going well.

Can you confirm this? Can you confirm that?

Double checking everything is really important, and that is why you ought to confirm everything. You should do this days before the wedding, because that is the only way for you to be sure that everything is going well. Listen to the supplier, and then ask to confirm it; it’s the best way to make sure that everything goes as planned.


Take A Break From A Stressful Wedding

Sometimes newlyweds think they can take on the world and so think planning their wedding will be no different. The truth is wedding planning is a lot more stressful than it sounds. Its hard to always agree on things even if you are completely in love. Planning a wedding involves a lot of details that can prove too much and often take its toll on future husbands and wives. So naturally they can need a break especially if they’re facing the problems seen below.


If organisation isn’t your strong point then handling contracts, invitations and seating plans amongst other wedding details could be difficult. Not to mention missing deadlines for vendors could cost you a fortune, especially if you lose your deposit.Nashville-Wedding-Planner-Designer-Invitations-Amber-Housley-1

Need Someone To Deal With Vendors

Sometimes attending all meetings is basically impossible. You can try to attend, as many as possible but the truth is if you can’t you probably need to hire a planner.Picking-the-right-wedding-vendors-Amanda-Douglas-Events-


If you know that planning isn’t your forte then save yourself the trouble and hire a planner. You want your wedding day to be completely perfect so why not leave it to the professionals.giphy

Concepts Are Hard To Grasp

Although you may want a few things for your wedding for sure it is sometimes difficult to concentrate everything under one concept. Instead of your wedding coming out how you want it to your wedding could end up a shambles.ask3


Sometimes a bride may want to relinquish responsibility to their family members to make the whole wedding planning ordeal a lot simpler. Family however may not always want to provide this level of help and if you feel snowed under then if not family who else will help you.tumblr_lt4oy2CCwX1qiliy8o1_r1_500

Since you may be completely stressed out about everything try and calm down and let a wedding planner take charge. Have a hen pamper party with your girls and let your cares slip away.