Top 5 celebrity weddings

Weddings are always known to be one of the most desired moments for some people. This is what it turned out to be for some celebrities last year. Read on to know how they celebrated their weddings last year

These five wedding celebrations marked the beginning of a great year and these wedding celebrations are worth hyping on.

Wilson Sossions wedding

This was a great wedding celebration that started in the AGS office and then it concluded into some of the most beautiful celebrations in his village home.This was a grand wedding celebration.

Bob Collymores wedding

This was one of the greatest moments for the CEO of Kenya. Bob Collymore married his longtime lover in a simple and a private wedding that was attended by his close friends, family members and close associates.. His wife is a famous art collector who is well known in Kenya.

Daddy Owen’s wedding

Daddy Owen is Kenya’s most well known musicians who walked down the aisle with the women of his love- his five year’s old beautiful fiancée that looked amazing and was appreciated by all

Sharon Mundia

Well known fashion blogger got married to her banker boyfriend towards the closing of this year. This was the most beautiful wedding of the year and it was almost next to a picture perfect wedding. The gowns which the bridesmaid wore were as beautiful as the bride herself.

Jomo Kenyatta and Achola Ngobis wedding

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Jomo exchanged marriage vows and wedded his college sweetheart Fiona Achola Ngobi at a private wedding ceremony, which was a hush hush affair and very less guests were invited to this party. This was one of the most beautiful weddings of the year, which went viral on the internet with thousands of eager fans waiting to see pictures posted.

These are some of the best weddings of the year that were close to picture perfect. These weddings were also held at the best places and attended by Capitall Marquees Essex people who helped in making the weddings a grand success.


Why You Should Hire A Latin Band At Your Wedding

DSCF8034-Edit-EditA wedding is a celebration of a couple coming together and starting their new journey as husband and wife. It’s a memory to last a lifetime, for the guests and the newlyweds. Witnessing a marriage is a humbling and exciting experience, it’s sharing with them the beginning of their new chapter of life. Despite the wonderful moment that they say “I do” a wedding is considered a long event, and the wedding reception itself often includes entertainment.

If you really want your day to be special why not look into latin music hire and be different? Unconventional no doubt but unlike hiring a DJ a Latin band is exciting for both the wedding couple and their guests. It’s surprising and unexpected and perfect for your wedding.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a wedding magician is the best choice you’ll make:

  • Without a wedding band your reception would be quiet and potentially boring. Just people waiting patiently for their food to arrive and making odd small talk to fill the gaps. This is a perfect time for a Latin band who will fill the silence with music that will dazzle your guest.
  • Wedding receptions means an awkward dinner where guests are seated next to people they may not want to talk to and people impatiently waiting for their tiny-portioned meal to come along. That’s where a wedding band is almost necessary, to keep each guest at bay and create a magical atmosphere that you’re wedding deserves.
  • With a wedding band not only will there be no awkward silences but your day will be a day to remember. Everyone can enjoy themselves and party on and your guests will want a Latin band at every wedding they attend in the future. Even a traditional wedding is better off with music; you can stick to your theme and still have a wedding that no guest will forget.