Eternity Ring For An Outstanding Wedding

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If you are planning to gift something that would bring an instant smile on the face of your beloved, you can consider gifting her an eternity ring. Among the various types of eternity rings, you can choose to gift Sapphire or opal rings. If you can stretch your budget a bit, you can even consider gifting a diamond Orla James eternity ring.

One of the common characteristics of eternal rings is that they are generally studded with diamonds. However, you also find eternity rings studded with opal gemstone. Those who cannot afford a diamond ring can go for the opal rings. You will also come across eternity rings studded with other gemstones.

Two types of eternity rings are available. They are the full eternity rings encrusted with gemstones about the ring’s circumference and the half rings in which the gemstones are fitted on the top help of the ring. The latter type is less cumbersome and hence is preferred by a majority of women.

They tend to use more expensive precious metals for the band. You can easily find them in gold, but platinum is by far the most impressive material to use in order to enhance the elegance of the gemstones.

An eternity ring derives much of its allure from its beautiful symbolism. A never ending string of gems represents the timeless attribute of true love and endless devotion. No wonder this kind of ring is so often chosen for matters of the heart.

The most popular gemstones for adding a pop of color into eternity rings are sapphires, emeralds, and rubies plus many couples will also often go for another particular kind of stone that might have big significance to the two of them, such as a birthstone or a gem they regard as a good luck symbol. The gemstones in an eternity ring are usually channel set, which means that they are recessed as an inlay pattern in a wedding band rather than held in place by the prong or claw settings seen on another kind of wedding rings. They are most commonly channel set in traditional bands of yellow gold or white gold because eternity rings must allow for certain settings that position the gemstones to catch the light.

Full eternity rings are unparalleled in their beauty, but also in their costs. Choosing a half eternity ring instead is a good solution if you admire the beauty and symbolism of this kind of jewelry but don’t have the budget for something so expensive.

Some occasions are naturally more appropriate than others for an eternity ring. While there is no wrong time to give one, they are more often chosen for important anniversaries or as wedding bands. These two occasions resonate with the symbolism of the ring.


If you’re looking to give a gift that will certainly never be forgotten, then an eternity ring may be something you should strongly consider. For their symbolism, their extravagant beauty, their luxurious elegance, and their classic charms, eternity rings are amazing gifts on any occasion.


10 Decorations Your Wedding Can’t Go Without

A wedding day is something that partners are going to remember for the rest of their lives so it goes without saying that is has to be special, but not just for the wedding couple but for the guests too. People flock from afar, even across the country to watch couples tie the knot so of course it should be something to remember, after all they’ll be telling stories for as long as they can remember. One thing that people pay a lot of attention to at a wedding is the decorations, so if you want a few tips here’s what not to miss out:

Table Decorations

At most weddings the reception includes a sit down dinner. What newly weds aim for is for guest to be in awe when they walk into the venue and the way to achieve that is with table decorations. Table decorations can be simple like flowers or you can be more adventurous and choose home made table decorations that represent your theme.



Any venue can look beautiful but there is something about lighting that really makes in magical. What more could a wedding couple want than having a magical wedding day that they can remember for the rest of their lives. So if you are looking for lighting to make your venue just that little bit better visit



If you have chosen a themed wedding then why not place decorative statues in line with your theme around your venue. Your guests will be in wonder searching around the venue for each statue like a maze.55615944ec381092d676337675832c80

Dramatic Effect

If you really want to push the boat out you could go even further and invest in machines that will make your wedding even magical, combine that with lighting and your wedding will be more than a dream.hqdefault

Personalised Wedding Banners

Applying those finishing touches to your wedding can be tough when there are so many options to think about. We’ll help you by recommending My Personalised Banners. They will do wedding banners and even a personalised party banner. So all your requests are taken care of!


Why You Should Hire A Latin Band At Your Wedding

DSCF8034-Edit-EditA wedding is a celebration of a couple coming together and starting their new journey as husband and wife. It’s a memory to last a lifetime, for the guests and the newlyweds. Witnessing a marriage is a humbling and exciting experience, it’s sharing with them the beginning of their new chapter of life. Despite the wonderful moment that they say “I do” a wedding is considered a long event, and the wedding reception itself often includes entertainment.

If you really want your day to be special why not look into latin music hire and be different? Unconventional no doubt but unlike hiring a DJ a Latin band is exciting for both the wedding couple and their guests. It’s surprising and unexpected and perfect for your wedding.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a wedding magician is the best choice you’ll make:

  • Without a wedding band your reception would be quiet and potentially boring. Just people waiting patiently for their food to arrive and making odd small talk to fill the gaps. This is a perfect time for a Latin band who will fill the silence with music that will dazzle your guest.
  • Wedding receptions means an awkward dinner where guests are seated next to people they may not want to talk to and people impatiently waiting for their tiny-portioned meal to come along. That’s where a wedding band is almost necessary, to keep each guest at bay and create a magical atmosphere that you’re wedding deserves.
  • With a wedding band not only will there be no awkward silences but your day will be a day to remember. Everyone can enjoy themselves and party on and your guests will want a Latin band at every wedding they attend in the future. Even a traditional wedding is better off with music; you can stick to your theme and still have a wedding that no guest will forget.