How to Choose the Right Limo for your Wedding

There are a lot of limousines to choose from for your wedding. But, for sure, it can be a tough experience choosing which one suits your special occasion. You may desire a chauffeur who arrives in a luxurious and clean limo. In this regard, better to read on below and bear in mind the things to consider on how to choose the right limo for your wedding.

Think of the Things you Will Need

If you really need a wedding limousine to hold your wedding party, you must consider the type of car for that. You may choose for a luxury passenger or a luxury sedan. If you want for a photo that uses the car you have rented, then inform the company about the right limo for your wedding.

Look at the Referrals and Reviews

There are lots of limo rentals out there. But, remember that not all of them are equal. If you love to experience a luxurious limousine service checkout 1st event limos, it must come with personalised service and uniformed chauffeurs. This way, your friends and your family will enjoy riding on it.

A lot of people like the idea of travelling in style, especially for their weddings. For that added luxury, ask them about the company they chose. Ask them about the places they have been and dig more about their positive referrals. The companies they suggest should also have their clean limos.

Look for the Licensing

All reputable and trusted wedding limo providers have their certification number. This number also significantly means that the business has been approved by the safety authorities and government. You therefore need to compare and check online.

Ensure an Experienced Service

Ensure an experienced service from a limo service provider. It must also have a lot of years of experience in the industry. And, more importantly, they must be completely experienced in the transport of bridal parties.

Must Have an Insurance

In choosing the right limo for your wedding, make sure that it is holding a specific type of insurance. A transportation company can be considered good only if it has its insurance coverage. Spend more time and make an effort to learn more about the minimum coverage. The company must also adequately cover you during an accident.

Visit the Facility

Another suggestion for you to be able to choose the right limo for your wedding is to visit the facility. Never engage in the idea of renting a limousine for your big wedding without first checking the condition of the limousine. Never settle with one that has been inspected in just a short period of time. You may likely expect of it ruining your day.

For that grand wedding day, choose the right limo in meeting your wedding day needs. You can picture it out to be perfect and stylish as ever. Get only the most stylish, most affordable and safest limo for your wedding from a reputable wedding limo service provider! And, rest comfortably and get focused on your day than worrying about the transportation!



Top 6 Tips to Choosing Your Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring

Who says vintage engagement ring is out of style? If you think most brides today prefer the modern designs of engagement rings, you are probably mistaken with that perception because there are still lots of brides who want a vintage engagement ring. This type of engagement ring does not only inherent charm and uniqueness because such kinds of ring are typically inexpensive and it often features much better craftsmanship and are instant heirloom.

On the other hand, if you are a man and you are looking for the perfect vintage engagement ring for your soon-to-be bride, there are some tips that you need to follow as below.

  1. Know the kind of ring she likes – There are some men who come in without having any idea about the kind of ring that his girlfriend wants. Before deciding to purchase one, make sure that you have asked her about the right she wants. Though she wants a vintage one, at least have an idea of the design or style she wants.
  2. Craftsmanship – In choosing the best vintage engagement ring, make sure that you will take a closer look on the craftsmanship of the ring. If you wish to have a vintage ring but it appears to be in a modern era, make sure that you will not spend more than what you have paid for just to have an authentic ring of an era. As much as possible, try to avoid poor replica rings in which in imitates the style of a vintage one and when it comes to quality and character, it holds down.
  3. Unusual Center Stones – Despite of the fact that diamonds are considered as the most famous stone for engagement bands, however you should know that this is not always true. You have to be careful in distinguishing a real from fake one. Also, you need to be careful of softer stones such as pearl, opal and emerald, which might get easily damaged or have internal cracks. In buying, don’t just be captivated with its appearance but on the quality and authenticity.
  4. Quality Diamond – As what you can notice, the standard quality today is no longer as high as the older diamonds. Thought white is being considered today as the best diamond however there are still others who look for slightly green, yellow or rose diamonds. The methods of cutting diamonds are different and the scientific ability in identifying flaws is not even advanced.
  5. Consider your Budget – If you have tight budget however you want to give your girlfriend a vintage engagement, you can consider buying a ring with larger diamond from 1930s to 1940s. You will notice that the diamonds in the bands are set in an elaborately carved setting, allowing the diamond to look larger.
  6. Find a Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring Retailer – If you find it hard to look for a perfect vintage engagement ring, the best thing that you can do is to go a place where antique or vintage rings and jewelleries are offered. Through this, you can have the assurance that you would be able find the perfect fit and you will choose the ring that will be liked by your girlfriend.

Choose Wedding Photography Services for Capturing the Unique Moments

wedding photogThe wedding day not only marks the union of two individuals but two families. This day holds a lot of importance for the families because it is one of the rarest days when everyone gets together to celebrate. In the light of such an important occasion, people wish to capture the moments so that they can recollect by viewing them later in the future. Capturing these unique moments in the form of pictures or videos is something very desirable and overwhelming for people. There are great options for people to get these moments captured. They can either use their own cameras or hire a professional photographer for the purpose.

While talking about hiring a professional for carrying out wedding photography, there are a number of benefits which people can get. By hiring a wedding photographer, people can enjoy the event more by not being burden being busy in taking pictures. This task is left to the Wedding Photographers Essex who have great cameras for the purpose. The professional wedding photographers know exactly what kind of cameras would suit the event and take pictures accordingly.

There are basically three approaches towards wedding photography which are traditional, contemporary and photo-journalistic. The traditional photography is the oldest and most popular form of wedding photography. The photo-journalistic photography involves a lot of editing and application of different technical options for making it look great. Contemporary photography involves both indoor and outdoor photography by professionals. These professionals also add photo-journalistic features to give the photos a more intense look.

In addition to photography, people can also choose to capture the live moments with the help of professional videographers. The wedding videos taken by professionals are simply amazing. Hiring these professionals for taking wedding videos is very beneficial. They have the necessary experience and technology for giving high resolution videos to people. They have great ideas for capturing wedding videos which would make people look very attractive. They incorporate their creative ideas of capturing the live moments of the wedding so that people get overwhelmed looking at them later. These professionals give people an enjoyable and stress free wedding experience.

Hiring a professional for capturing moments of the wedding can also help people get another noticeable benefit. These professionals are highly professional in preparing wedding keepsakes. The professionals can film and shoot them in the best way and perform the necessary editing tasks. The wedding keepsakes prepared by professionals are simply awesome in quality and resolution which gives great joy to people watching them. Getting these professionals is also very easy. They can be searched online as there are a number of companies who have their websites and specialise in cost effective photography solutions.

Wedding photographs can prove to be expensive so you need to plan carefully and opt for an economical wedding photographer in Melbourne for the job. One shouldn’t run after the big names in the industry as they are not always best. You can review the portfolios of the other new photographers in the industry and decide upon the right wedding photography professional for this job. A good photographer is the one who not only uses his mind while taking photographs, but also his passion that is reflected in the work immediately.


Buying Bridal Jewellery The Right Way

Portrait of beautiful bride. Wedding dress. Wedding decoration

When buying bridal jewellery for your wedding it’s easy to get confused about what to pick. Especially when there is so much to choose from Right from gold, silver to even platinum, all most all types of metal are being used in bridal and bridesmaid. It comes as no surprise then that many brides prefer to break away from the traditional diamond jewellery and are willing to experiment with stones like emeralds, rubies, saphires and much more.

However irrespective of whether you wish to buy several sets for members of the bridal party or stick with just one set, it will help to work out a few guidelines before buying.

Budget – It is important to work within a budget when you do set out to buy jewellery for your wedding. Most jewellery stores have very expensive pieces which can be difficult when you include all other wedding expenses. Looking for the items that fall within your price range will help to stick to your budget.

Match – It is very important to match the jewellery with the your wedding dress. So in case, it is a white gown from the Victorian era that you have chosen, it will help to pick out a design that compliments your dress. If your neckline is low, go with bigger neck pieces, however, if you have chosen a dress which has a wide neck then it will work better to have larger earrings instead.

Far sighted – Wedding jewellery is mostly an expensive buy especially when you will most likely only be wearing it on the occasion of your wedding, it is better to buy bridal jewellery that can be worn with other outfits too. When buying for your wedding outfit it will help to buy different types of designs, so as to have a larger variety in your collection rather than sticking to one particular style.

Investment – In most cases wedding jewellery stays in the family for generations and that is the reason why one must always work keep a receipt when buying from jewellery stores. Keep a file where you keep receipts safely. It is also a good idea to have another jeweller check the authenticity of the items that you have bought, so as to be sure that you have not been cheated.

As is clear now, one needs to strike a balance when looking for wedding jewellery. Working with the above listed tips will help a great deal. Jewellery designers have done their bit for us by experimenting with various designs and brides are now free to choose their bridal jewellery and experiment with more options.

The modern day bride has a traditional choice and gets captivated by vintage pearl bridal jewellery for her special day. She desires for a collection with intricate designs with a sentimental connotation and makes the right choice.

For some of the modern brides, with all their beauty and busyness cannot take time out for shopping, online wedding jewellery websites like Berganza have helped out loads. From the latest designs, a bride-to-be can browse without having to take time out of their hectic lives. From the ease and comfort of their homes and offices, a bride can find great deals for wedding jewellery sets, necklaces and earrings online. There are a huge selection of quality products and the modern day technology-savvy brides are increasingly finding new ways of jewellery shopping.

This whole new experience of convenient shopping is aimed at brides who like hassle-free jewellery shopping. It has been targeted to make bridal jewellery shopping an absolute pleasure for the brides. With wonderful offers on extensive range of designs in gold and diamond jewellery, a bride can choose and buy online with hefty discounts.


Planning The Catering For Your Wedding

wedding cateringWedding ceremonies always depend on catering services. Weddings are always costly, and they involve a huge amount of expenditures. You will consider yourself lucky if you find good catering experts, who can help you in conducting wedding at an affordable and reasonable cost, according to your budget. Food is the major component of any wedding ceremony; the rest of the things go hand in hand.

When you start looking for the location for your wedding reception, you must consider that all wedding venues do not have their own caterers. If they provide catering services also, it is important to find out the menu, the type of cuisine, the quality and the taste of food.

Selecting a good wedding caterer is a tough decision. Before selecting a caterer, you must conduct a detailed research for achieving the desired quality, according to your budget. Make sure that your guests do not make complaints about the food quality. Take care of all the issues related to catering, as this activity will keep alive all the great memories of your wedding for the rest of your life.

A chocolate fountain is a great fit for a wedding because who doesn’t love chocolate? The warmed bowl of the equipment keeps the chocolate in a fluid state. The appearance is of  a chocolate waterfall in which you can dip a wide range of foods with a skewer like a succulent strawberry, cherry or anything which you favour can be dunked into the fountain.

OMG chocolate fountains in Essex will be a great hit at your wedding, with your visitors excited in picking their skewered foods to go into the fountain. Seeing a chocolate fountain with warm melted chocolate streaming down is definitely memorable particularly when it is surrounded by different sweet foods.

Picking what foods to accompany your chocolate fountain can be overwhelming. Particularly with the assortment of food available. There are such a variety of mouth watering accompaniments that you can look over. You would be astonished with what tastes great with chocolate. Here are a few well known ones:

Strawberries, Grapes, Pears, Bananas, Cherries, Plums, Oranges, Apples, Marshmallows, Jelly Babies, Dates, Chocolate brownies, Kiwi,Fudge, Star Fruit, Coconut, macaroons and so forth.

Picking your chocolate!
There are so many different chocolates available now, even flavoured ones however as you are catering to a large amount of guests it is better to go with more neutral options so as not to cause any upset.

So make your fantasy wedding a memory to last for a long time to come. Your visitors will be so energised on the different plunge decisions and inspired with your chocolate fountain.

Budget is also extremely important, you should decide on how much you would like to spend on your wedding. After getting a sum of the total amount, divide it with the expected expenses. If you are not sure about expenses then you can take help of wedding planners and get a rough estimate of the expenses. This practice will help you in figuring out the elements of the wedding, where you can spend or cut back.

You can also explore other alternatives like online advertising of caterers. Almost each caterer has its own website where you can get all the information you require. Professional caterers are experienced in handling all kinds of events and all types of cuisines. Their websites should be checked out for the detailed information about their services and charges, and the venues where they usually provide their services.

Some wedding venues even recommend good quality and licensed wedding caterers. So, when you are looking for expert marriage caterers, you must select them very cautiously; as they can make your event a success or ruin it completely. The basic tip is to taste the food before finalising your deal with the caterer.

It is always wise to select a wedding venue that provides catering service of its own. There are some venues that have their own kitchens, which is always beneficial for preparing the food on time and for keeping the food warm.

You should never compromise on the quality of food and services; therefore, caterers must be chosen very carefully. You should always take care of the food that it is fresh and hygienic. Ingredients which are added in dishes must be fresh. You are always required to take care of such issues. Never make decisions in haste; always take your time and make decisions wisely. Nowadays catering companies have made their websites; you can search companies online and choose the one that fulfills your requirements.


Eternity Ring For An Outstanding Wedding

Couple holding hands

If you are planning to gift something that would bring an instant smile on the face of your beloved, you can consider gifting her an eternity ring. Among the various types of eternity rings, you can choose to gift Sapphire or opal rings. If you can stretch your budget a bit, you can even consider gifting a diamond Orla James eternity ring.

One of the common characteristics of eternal rings is that they are generally studded with diamonds. However, you also find eternity rings studded with opal gemstone. Those who cannot afford a diamond ring can go for the opal rings. You will also come across eternity rings studded with other gemstones.

Two types of eternity rings are available. They are the full eternity rings encrusted with gemstones about the ring’s circumference and the half rings in which the gemstones are fitted on the top help of the ring. The latter type is less cumbersome and hence is preferred by a majority of women.

They tend to use more expensive precious metals for the band. You can easily find them in gold, but platinum is by far the most impressive material to use in order to enhance the elegance of the gemstones.

An eternity ring derives much of its allure from its beautiful symbolism. A never ending string of gems represents the timeless attribute of true love and endless devotion. No wonder this kind of ring is so often chosen for matters of the heart.

The most popular gemstones for adding a pop of color into eternity rings are sapphires, emeralds, and rubies plus many couples will also often go for another particular kind of stone that might have big significance to the two of them, such as a birthstone or a gem they regard as a good luck symbol. The gemstones in an eternity ring are usually channel set, which means that they are recessed as an inlay pattern in a wedding band rather than held in place by the prong or claw settings seen on another kind of wedding rings. They are most commonly channel set in traditional bands of yellow gold or white gold because eternity rings must allow for certain settings that position the gemstones to catch the light.

Full eternity rings are unparalleled in their beauty, but also in their costs. Choosing a half eternity ring instead is a good solution if you admire the beauty and symbolism of this kind of jewelry but don’t have the budget for something so expensive.

Some occasions are naturally more appropriate than others for an eternity ring. While there is no wrong time to give one, they are more often chosen for important anniversaries or as wedding bands. These two occasions resonate with the symbolism of the ring.


If you’re looking to give a gift that will certainly never be forgotten, then an eternity ring may be something you should strongly consider. For their symbolism, their extravagant beauty, their luxurious elegance, and their classic charms, eternity rings are amazing gifts on any occasion.


10 Decorations Your Wedding Can’t Go Without

A wedding day is something that partners are going to remember for the rest of their lives so it goes without saying that is has to be special, but not just for the wedding couple but for the guests too. People flock from afar, even across the country to watch couples tie the knot so of course it should be something to remember, after all they’ll be telling stories for as long as they can remember. One thing that people pay a lot of attention to at a wedding is the decorations, so if you want a few tips here’s what not to miss out:

Table Decorations

At most weddings the reception includes a sit down dinner. What newly weds aim for is for guest to be in awe when they walk into the venue and the way to achieve that is with table decorations. Table decorations can be simple like flowers or you can be more adventurous and choose home made table decorations that represent your theme.Carla-Paul-Wedding-596


Any venue can look beautiful but there is something about lighting that really makes in magical. What more could a wedding couple want than having a magical wedding day that they can remember for the rest of their lives. So if you are looking for lighting to make your venue just that little bit better visit


If you have chosen a themed wedding then why not place decorative statues in line with your theme around your venue. Your guests will be in wonder searching around the venue for each statue like a maze.55615944ec381092d676337675832c80

Dramatic Effect

If you really want to push the boat out you could go even further and invest in machines that will make your wedding even magical, combine that with lighting and your wedding will be more than a dream.hqdefault


Why You Should Hire A Latin Band At Your Wedding

DSCF8034-Edit-EditA wedding is a celebration of a couple coming together and starting their new journey as husband and wife. It’s a memory to last a lifetime, for the guests and the newlyweds. Witnessing a marriage is a humbling and exciting experience, it’s sharing with them the beginning of their new chapter of life. Despite the wonderful moment that they say “I do” a wedding is considered a long event, and the wedding reception itself often includes entertainment.

If you really want your day to be special why not look into Latin music hire London and be different? Unconventional no doubt but unlike hiring a DJ a Latin band is exciting for both the wedding couple and their guests. It’s surprising and unexpected and perfect for your wedding.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a wedding magician is the best choice you’ll make:

  • Without a wedding band your reception would be quiet and potentially boring. Just people waiting patiently for their food to arrive and making odd small talk to fill the gaps. This is a perfect time for a Latin band who will fill the silence with music that will dazzle your guest.
  • Wedding receptions means an awkward dinner where guests are seated next to people they may not want to talk to and people impatiently waiting for their tiny-portioned meal to come along. That’s where a wedding band is almost necessary, to keep each guest at bay and create a magical atmosphere that you’re wedding deserves.
  • With a wedding band not only will there be no awkward silences but your day will be a day to remember. Everyone can enjoy themselves and party on and your guests will want a Latin band at every wedding they attend in the future. Even a traditional wedding is better off with music; you can stick to your theme and still have a wedding that no guest will forget.

Stuck For A Wedding Speech

Whether you’re part of the wedding party or you’re the bride and groom we all know how much of a disaster wedding speeches can be. There are so many choices to go for, do you try and make it funny and put in a joke or do you go down the emotional route. Either way your goals are to get some sort of an emotional response and not an awkward silence of any sort. Well check out this video and you might get a little inspiration.


How To Do Your Own Wedding Photobooth

photo-booth-wedding-packageWhile you can always rent a photobooth for your wedding to lessen the things that you have to worry about on that day and to be sure you get great results, there’s nothing wrong if you want to go DIY. Here’s how to make your own wedding photobooth happen.

Ready Your DSLR

Since you’re already downsizing  you might still wanna use a good camera. Prepare your DSLR earlier on and make sure you charge the batteries and have backup ones just in case. But if you don’t have a DSLR, then start asking around your friends if they have one and if you can borrow it.

Have A Remote Shutter Device

The good thing about photobooths is that you can take pictures while doing all sorts of silly faces without someone else watching it behind the camera. So it would be better to have a remote shutter device so people can take their own photos instead of assigning someone as the photographer.

Secure Your Tripod Setup

The day of the wedding can be a chaotic with a lot of people going around. So make sure your tripod setup is sturdy so that it won’t be easily knocked over even with the entire guests that might pass by your photobooth corner. If this is too much hassle then just contact OMG! Northampton.

Allocate A Corner For Your Photobooth Setup

To avoid your photobooth from getting in the way of everything else; set a fix corner for it. This way, your guests can comfortably shoot away with some privacy. Aside from that this will also lessen the chances of anything in your setup to be knocked over by someone.

Prepare A Fabric To Be Used As The Backdrop

It’s fine if you don’t have any props to go with this but you have to at least have a proper backdrop for your DIY photobooth. Unless you like the door or plain white wall as a backdrop, then fine with us too.